TEK2’s project management is on point with Basecamp

by Tom in TEK2 Projects

Hey Everyone!

Screen Shot 2012 06 22 at 9.51.48 AM TEK2s project management is on point with Basecamp Tom here,  I have been working on dozens of projects small and large for the past 5 years and nothing has helped me more than Basecamp.  Basecamp is probably the best project management software I have found.
For the big projects and large teams you will still need your Gantt charts from MS Project (I prefer OmniPlan for the Mac),  but these days with technology we are able to break projects down into smaller teams more efficiently.  iOS development and even Websites can be completed in a few short months,  that’s where Basecamp shines.  With multiple projects,  calendars, to-do’s, Text documents for notes, discussions.  Basecamp has been the perfect tool for managing small teams.

Did I mention Basecamp was just updated to a new version?  Very clean and powerful,  they just need to step up the app development.  A native iOS app for Basecamp would be mint.  If anyone wants any help with their projects,  just contact me using the contact form in the About Us section.  I look forward to hearing from you.




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