TEK2 Goes to CloudForce 2012

by Tom in Technology

IMG 1071 300x225 TEK2 Goes to CloudForce 2012CloudForce this year was a blast,  it touched on the next generation of technology and digital media better than any other keynote I have seen.  Social is the future,  social is the now.  Cloud computing,  Smartphones,  Tablets,  the next 10 years is going to be software and social,  and how to better connect people with each other through these devices.

Some of the key take aways from this event were Marketing Cloud and Chatter Communities.  For those who have no idea what salesforce is or any of this I will explain.

Marketing Cloud is a genius result of Radian 6 and Buddy Media,  It is the total package of Social Media analytics and social marketing.  You are able to interact with your social networks in real time and gauge results of online branding and marketing campaigns using advanced customer data metrics.  Sorry for all of the tech terms,  everyone at the PURE office is always having issues with me talking this way.  But basically you plug in your facebook account and the marketing cloud tells you everything about your community,  all the way down to their social rating,  how often they are to share or interact with your campaigns,  and what you should market to them.  This is the most powerful marketing data that most companies pay hundreds of thousands for.  With this kind of data you can understand all of the marketing questions about your campaign,  what time of day,  what gender, and then you can Split test the campaigns.  Try different images to see which are affective.

Chatter communities… This I think was really the next generation of business to customer interaction.  All of the old marketing and branding strategies are not working, people no longer watching tv commercials,  they are no longer walking through shopping malls.  Everything is shifting to social,  people are recommending products on facebook,  they are buying on amazon.  Businesses need to reach these people on a real time basis,  customer service needs to keep up with the social trends,  that is Salesforce Chatter Communities.  Right now in Pilot testing,  Major companies like Toyota and Virgin Airways are installing these chatter communities right into their experience.   Toyota has a social network built into their new hybrids,  where your car is a person,  you can talk to your car and your car talks to you. You can also talk with your local toyota dealerships in real time, and even facetime with a customer service agent.  Virgin airways is making their flights social,  the touch screen in the headrest in front of you is connected to the airline and the people on your flight.  Want to join a public chat with everyone on your flight?  You can,  want to order drinks or food?  You can,  you can even talk directly with the airline and ask for assistance getting to a connecting flight.  All through your touchscreen device attached to your headrest.

This is where all of us are headed.  Social technology evolving and they way we communicate with each other growing in new and exciting ways.  I recommend everyone in a business or in the tech field to watch the keynotes.

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