Microsofts new Surface tablet and what it means for TEK2

by Tom in Technology

Screen Shot 2012 06 22 at 11.10.08 AM 300x218 Microsofts new Surface tablet and what it means for TEK2This week Microsoft dropped a huge announcement,  one of its biggest announcements of this decade.  They are entering the tablet market and I am not talking about the Windows 8 operating system that works with tablets and touch screens.  They announced a Microsoft branded tablet called “Surface”.

Now Microsoft hardware launches  have been a “Hit and Miss” in the past.  The Xbox being their strongest hardware piece,  and the Zune,  HD-Dvd player etc all falling short.  TEK2 firmly believes this tablet will be a game changing hit.  We all love Apple and the iPad,  it has revolutionized our society.  But TEK2 being made up of professionals with strong IT backgrounds.  We always explore all technology possibilities and angles.  The Microsoft Surface is no exception.

Microsoft is catching on and playing to its strengths, that being its advantage with the small and large business sector.  These new tablets are going to be a corporation hit.  With businesses struggling to integrate iPads into their existing Microsoft servers,  the Surface is going to be a dream come true.  These tablets will be secure and much more affordable,  with the 2 options available any IT specialist is going to first explore integrating the low-end surface tablet instead of the icing on the cake tablet, the iPad.

The curious questions are still there,  like how secure is the development platform?  We all know the guys at Apple keep their iOS development locked down with very secure restrictions and app approval process.  How much freedom is Microsoft giving developers?

Also most importantly,  how will the surface tablets integrate with standard business softwares like Exchange server,  will there be a tablet Office suite?

Many companies have tried competing with the iPad and all have failed,  the iPad is the consumer product everyone loves.  We know there is still a huge business market waiting for something more affordable, secure and that better integrates with Microsoft servers.  Microsoft has a chance to really dominate the business market again.  Lets hope they do not focus on the consumer market like they did with the Zune.

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