iPhone 5 Finaly announced! Completely Re-designed for $199

by Tom in Apple News Technology

Screen Shot 2012 09 13 at 10.30.39 AM 300x229 iPhone 5 Finaly announced! Completely Re designed for $199 Its finally hear, and if you are like me you probably skipped the 4s and have been stuck with the iPhone 4 for over two years.  Personally I did not see a big enough difference to upgrade to the 4s from the 4.  We gave Siri an extra year to grow up and establish herself and she has surely come of age.  The new iOS 6 operating system is by far the best mobile OS ever to be released.  What better phone to release it on than the new iPhone 5?

I always ask my friends and family what made them get the Galaxy phone or Droid over the iPhone?  I knew they were just iPhone copy cats!  They all said it was the bigger screen real-estate, the battery life, the camera and before Siri they all said the voice recognition.  Well Apple has finally released a phone that is all about the hardware.  4 inch screen upgrade,  8mp amazing camera,  the all new A6 chip that is twice as fast as the A5 found in the 4S,  and they have installed a 4g LTE chip that recognized all 4G carrier technology.

So they increased the power and speed,  they needed a larger gpu to process the extra screen real-estate,  and they managed to do all of this while decreasing the phones size and increasing the battery life!  When they said that I just said WOW!  Mouth watering goodness.  Some people might say I am a bit over excited about this phone but my response would be a quote from Jonathan Ive.  He said we all share a very personal relationship with our smartphones,  they are with us all day and every day.  That could not be more true.  That relationship with this device makes it the most important piece of technology or even item in the world to us.  The iPhone changed so many peoples lives and the way they do things, that an announcement like the iPhone 5 makes us all imagine all the things we will do with that extra screen space,  or those new Siri commands.  My iPhone is my main tool, Its my main phone, email, reference device, I do project management, entertainment and social media all day and almost everyday.  It has even changed the way I communicate, whenever I may have a funny discussion with my girlfriend or friends about a reference,  I simply pull out my iPhone and look it up!

The iPhone 5 will be available for pre-order tomorrow,  Leave us your comments below and let us know how excited you are!

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