Facebook API’s Stink!

by Tom in CEO Thoughts

Lack of blog writing this year is due to all of my efforts spent working with PURE Solutions NA.

www.pureroom.com  check it out and give me some feedback on this blog if you can.

Anyways,  One of the daily annoyances I get working with their marketing campaign is the HUGE lack of Facebook API’s.

For those who do not know what I am talking about,  think of little backdoor apps that let developers interact with facebook from external tools or websites.

Twitter does an amazing job with API’s,  So many third party marketing companies are taking these twitter integrations and making whole marketing software suites centered around these API’s.

So why wont Facebook release similar tools?  Facebook is still the king of social media marketing,  yet they force all marketers to log in to Facebook every day and manually do all the marketing.  It’s about time they release some great integrations for reporting and Business page interaction so we can do some real facebook marketing!  And I am not talking about those annoying ads on the right.  Im talking about the real content we all want to explore.


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