Apple’s Lawsuits, and iOS6

by Tom in Apple News

Apple….still busy and still the spotlight of all media groups.  Stocks continue to rise well and above 650 per share and Apple battling Exxon for the most valuable company in the world.  Yet when it comes to our hearts, we all know who really is closest.

The Apple and Samsung battle is not over,  but what has happened will affect the market and hopefully push competing companies to think outside the box.  Apple won 1 billion dollars in damages from Samsung and they are trying to get old Samsung products banned from sale in the US.  If you have not been caught up on this historic event,  head on over to Mashable.com for all of your digital media updates.   It is obvious Samsung blatantly copied off of apple and used the fact that Apple was exclusive to AT&T, to win the Verizon smart-phone market withe ease.  Even though they fight back and still try to make them to look like the good guy,  we all know the profits they generated from that were above and beyond the 1 billion.  I mean all of the app icons look exactly the same.

I will give to Samsung for the Galaxy S3,  its a great smart-phone,  but its based off an iPhone copy.  These companies need to be radical and fresh,  something we have never seen before and stand behind it the way Apple pushed the iPhone.

In more anticipating news,  iOS6 is drawing ever so closer.  This week Apples press conference will take place.  Actually in 2 days.  Things we expect:


-iPhone 5

-13 inch Retina Macbook

-Updated iPod Line-up


Everyone has been waiting for an Apple TV,  personally I think it is not ready for market.  This year we saw the Retina Macbook pro and I would be surprised if they launched 2 brand new products in the same year.  iOS6 will take long enough to present.  Personally I have mixed thoughts on this new OS,  the complete removal of Google technology upsets me a little,  I was always rooting for the companies to work more closely together.  But it seems they are drifting apart.  I will love Apple maps but the removal of the YouTube app…  It needed to be taken down or revamped and I am sure the Google is working on it extremely fast for an iTunes App store launch.  But.. I still feel the OS needs a native video content application,  if its not YouTube I really would love Apple for making a new kind of Video app that maybe connects YouTube and Vimeo together.  Maybe its Apple TV OS all in a single App?

On the Bright side,  As we see Google and Apple drift apart.  We are seeing Facebook and Apple work closer together,  the improvements on the Facebook app the past couple years have been awesome.  And the complete integration of Facebook into Mountain Lion and iOS6 is going to make us all begin to use Facebook a lot more.  As if some of us do not use it enough.

I will post a follow up blog after I watch the Sep 12 event.

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