About Us

TEK2 Interactive provides cutting-edge web design and digital marketing services that deliver your brand to the new generation of consumers. We custom tailor your digital strategy by assigning dedicated staff to your company so we are always in the loop and understanding the core objectives of your business.  We are truly passionate about next level customer service and we believe the only way to truly increase your bottom line, is to completely study your problem from front to back and offer the most accurate solution.

Have you ever worked with a digital firm and ended up with a lackluster product?  Usually rushed and over budget because they did not fully understand the ins and outs of your business?

This is why TEK2 Interactive was created!  Tom Kammerer II CEO and Founder worked for said firms and watched day after day, small and large businesses angered and frustrated for having to increase project budgets to fix failed marketing solutions. All due to poor business analysis on the digital firms side.  The majority of these digital firms are trying to assign dozens of clients to your account manager, which in the end provides you with poor business analysis, broken communication, and delayed results.

TEK2’s Core Value is to provide its clients with a dedicated Production Manager, available around the clock to provide you the attention you deserve.  Our technology experts understand not only everything about digital media and technology, but how businesses are run and what it takes to get the results you deserve.

Based in Annapolis, Maryland, with partnerships in the Philippines and Washington D.C., we have a team of IT experts always ready to provide input and create solutions for you. We will take care of you, from conceptualization and planning, to asset production and development, QA, and post-launch maintenance. Be assured that our team is committed to give you the best products and services.

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