A week with the new Retina Macbook Pro

by Tom in Apple News CEO Thoughts

retina mbp 300x200 A week with the new Retina Macbook Pro
So I  received my  shiny new Macbook Pro with Retina display about 10 days ago.  I must say it was a huge upgrade from my 2008 Pro model.
As soon as I could, I pulled my back up from my Time Capsule and migrated all of my important files to the new system.  It runs like a dream.  Everything I would expect from an SSD hard drive with 16gb of RAM.  But as my first week went on I started noticing some issues.

First thing I noticed was the lack of a disc drive hurts when you still are using older software.  I use Adobe Creative Suite CS4,  when I tried pulling the programs from my backup I was missing important root files.  Unfortunately I do not have a disc drive to reinstall.  I still need to do more research on Adobe CS6 but if that also requires a disc drive to install then I will need to make that purchase.  Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Illustrator are vital tools for TEK2 Interactive.  Until I can get them loaded on to my Retina Macbook,  I will still be holding on to my old system for a couple months.  On the bright side it looks like my old university will be offering the CS6 upgrade soon at special pricing.  Awesome Alumni perks.

That brings me to my second issue with the new macbook.  After looking up the disc drive,  how is it not Blue Ray?  We have the most powerful laptop display in the world,  why would they not offer an HD blue ray disc player?  Hopefully they upgrade the USB superdrive but I find that unlikely as they prefer we purchase the HD movies from the iTunes store.

And lastly I noticed something that has been said a lot in reviews and product blogs.  Older software versions are not optimized for the Retina Macbook display.  Now I was aware of this when first purchasing the system.  I expected Mountain Lion would clear things up and third party companies would have small software updates.  The biggest shock to me and whats absolutely unacceptable is that Apple did not update the iWork suite for the Retina Display!

Pages, Keynote and Numbers all load in pixelated font and low res templates.  Really Apple?

If they are launching iWorks ’12  I will forgive them, but to launch this shiny new macbook without your entire product line up working on it,  what would Steve have said?  Those issues aside,  I can’t wait for Mountain Lion and I know these things will rectify themselves,  I feel that maybe everyone is more critical of Apple becausethey are on everyones spotlight.  But hopefully Apple uses that criticism and perfects its business even further.

All in All the New Retina Macbook Pro is a fantastic system and pushes the envelope further for the profesional laptop market.

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